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The Girls Lunching at Café Ce Soir, May 2014
Judy, Eileen, Darleen, Myrna, Diane, Lesley, & Joan
Photo submitted by Lesley

Assiniboine Park, -37°C with the Windchill
Kathleen, Betty, Judy, Lesley, & John
Photo submitted by Lesley

John Hunchak and Daugher Lauren
Photo submitted by Richard Peebles

Richard Peebles and Megan (Thomas) Russell
Photo submitted by Richard Peebles

Suzanne and Richard Peebles
Photo submitted by Richard Peebles

Dave Garriock with a Prize Catch
Photo submitted by Dave

Jack & Joan Bowman
Photo submitted by Jack

Lesley and her Milk-Carton Skeleton Friend
Photo submitted by Lesley

Don Wotherspoon visits Bill Burn in Edmonton
Photo submitted by Don or Bill

Bob & Darlene (Belton) Morrisseau
Photo submitted by Lesley

Vice-Principal Dominic Zagari, Lesley, and Principal Joyce Wong
Class of '63 Donation to the School Sign Fund
Photo by Bill Rayner

Brochure Photo
The new sign will replace the old one on Hay St. at the north-west end of the school yard,
and as you can see, will be a chick hangout.

Betty & Lesley
Class of '63 Donation to Basement Book Store #1
Photo submitted by Lesley

Lesley & Denise Friesen, Our Chef for the Saturday Reunion Dinner
A Thank-You Bottle of Wine from the Class of '63
Photo submitted by Lesley

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