New Times (Pre-Reunion)

Most Recent Updates:
December 12, 2013 - There will be no more additions to this page.  All post-reunion photos are to be found in the Recent Photos Page.
September 15, 2013 - New Photo from Lesley (Darlene & Bob).

If you have some other photos that you think would be relevant, please email them to Lesley to go out with the newsletter.   We'll pick them up after that.  .

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Former teacher Ed Labinowicz, ca. 2011
See Mr. Labinowicz's words on the Greetings page
Photo submitted by Ed. Labinowicz

 John Stringham, 2010
Photo from John, before his passing

Darlene Belton & Bob Morisseau, 13 September, 2013
Photo by Lesley

A Walk in St. Vital Park, 2013
Betty, Lesley, John Patchell, Judy, Kathleen (Parker) Patchell
Photo submitted by Lesley

Randy, Roark, Amy, Ethan
What I look like now ... just so we don't miss each other in the crowd
Photo submitted by Randy

"Gramps" Jack Bowman with Aliya, 2012
Photo submitted by Jack Bowman

Ernie Stignant & Grandchild at the MS Walk, 2012
Photo submitted by Ernie Stignant

Ernie's Team at the MS Walk, 2012
Photo submitted by Ernie Stignant
Barry Bampton, 2005
Photo submitted by Barry Bampton

Gary Campbell, Reg Nosworthy, & Jim McGregor, 2010
Photo submitted by Lesley

 Al Backman & Don Wotherspoon, 2012
Photo submitted by Don Wotherspoon

Muddy Waters Uncensored, 2011
Jim, Gerry, Bill, Bruce, & Gord
Photo submitted by Gerry Halliday with word bubbles by anon.

The Girls at The Grove, 2011
Judy (Ibbott) Quinton, Eileen Metz, Betty Lorimer, Dianne (Silver) Oakley,
Lesley (Simmons) Hammerback, Joan (Birch) Robson
Photo submitted by Lesley

Judy, Pat, & Ruth
Photo submitted by Lesley

Sandy Dibb, John Downie, Jim McGregor, Lesley (Simmons) Hammerback, Bruce Watson
Photo submitted by Lesley

The Girls at Santorini's, 2011
Eileen Metz, Darlene Belton, Marilyn (Platford) Lund, Marvis (Cessford) Lenaghan,
Lesley (Simmons) Hammerback, Dianne (Silver) Oakley, Joan (Birch) Robson,
Betty Lorimer, Judy (Ibbott) Quinton
Photo submitted by Lesley
Bill Rayner & Al Backman, 2011
Photo submitted by Bill Rayner
Judy, Darlene, Eileen, Lesley, & Marilyn, 2009
Photo submitted by Lesley

Friends, 2012
Myrna (Osborn) Kisil & Lesley (Simmons) Hammerback
Photo submitted by Lesley

Reg, Gary, Lesley, & Jim, 2010
Photo submitted by Lesley

John Downie, Sandy Dibb, Diane & John Hunchak, 2011
Photo submitted by John Downie

Lesley & Al, 2010
Photo submitted by Lesley

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