Friday, 21 June 2013

Welcome to the web site for the Churchill High School Class of 1963 50th Anniversary Reunion!

Now that the reunion is over, this site contains photos from all the events on this site so that you can look at them here, or download them for your album.

This web site is no longer being updated.
If you want to print or save a photo, first click on the photo to blow it up.  The photo you see will be in higher resolution than the smaller images you see on the Reunion, Old Times, or New Times pages.  In Windows, you can then right-click on an image and then select functions such as Save Picture As...., E-mail Picture..., Print-Picture..., or Copy.  (Note: The function "Save Picture As..." on the blown-up image is the same as "Save Target As..." on the Reunion, Old Times, or New Times page, and either one will save the higher-resolution version on your computer disc.)

Check out the menu on the right size of this screen.  If you can't see it, adjust your browser's zoom setting, maximize your browser window, or scroll right.

This page last updated April 9, 2016.