Churchill's 50th, 2005

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Churchill 50th Reunion Attendees 2005
Back Row: Jerry Spivak, Charlie Coverdale, Jim McGregor, Richard Peebles, Judy (Ibbott) Quinton, Jack Bowman, Dianne (Morrison) Hanson, John Hunchak, Frank Munsters, John Patchell, Ken McCullough, Harry Rayner, Geoff Birch, Tony Powls, Richard Quinton
Middle Row:  Bonnie (Pusey) Muir, Diana (Neufeld) Mittermuller, Margaret (Newman) Glew, Myrna (Osborn) Kisil, Pat (Hill) Parker, Diane (Brewster) Stump, Betty Lorimer, Lesley (Simmons) Hammerback, Paul Gillen, Fred  Wanke,
Dawn Coverdale
Front Row: Carol Bray, Gail (Carter) Powls, Sandra "Sandy" (Rawn), Ruth (Grinchuk) Raimer, Simone (Harris) Lund, Marlene Wilson, Ilena (Kozub) Zaramba, Megan (Thomas) Russell, Marvis (Cessford) Lenaghan, Isobel (Browning) Walker,
Dianne (Silver) Oakley
Photo submitted by Lesley

Group at Churchill 50th Reunion, 2005
Back:  Dianne (Morrison) Hanson, Dianne (Silver) Oakley, Judy (Ibbott) Quinton, Lesley (Simmons) Hammerback, Marvis (Cessford) Lenaghan, Pat (Hill) Parker
Front: Jack Bowman, John Hunchak
Photo submitted by Lesley

Hanging Out at the Lockers Again, 2005
Ruth (Grinchuk) Raimer, John Hunchak, Harry Rayner, Judy (Ibbott) Quinton, 
Pat (Hill) Parker, Megan (Thomas) Russell, John Patchell
Photo submitted by Lesley