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Aspiring Sanitary Engineers
Ed Norton Day (a.k.a. Art Carney Day), 1962
Front: Ed Norton, Ed Norton, Ed Norton, Ed Norton, Ed Norton, Ed Norton, Ed Norton
Middle and Back Rows: More Ed Nortons
Mr. Bell's Classroom
Photo submitted by Gerry Halliday

H.M.S. Pinafore Cast 1 Leads
Pat Hill and Vic Parrott
Photo submitted by Myrna

H.M.S. Pinafore Cast 2 Leads and Chorus
Randy Jefferson and Eileen Metz
Shelagh McDougall and Joan Birch are amongst the others visible in the photo.
Photo submitted by Myrna

Grad Walk, 1962
Judy Ibbott & Stan Pearce, Lesley Simmons & Bruce Watson, 
Pat Hill & Jim Irving, Sandy Rawn & Dale Reid
Photo submitted by Lesley

Lesley and Bruce, Grad '62
Photo submitted by Lesley

 Grad Beach Beauties at West Hawk Lake, 1963
Kathy X, Eileen Metz, Dianne Morrison, Penny Bampton Sr., Lesley Simmons
Photo submitted by Barry Bampton

Grad Weekend at Bampton Cottage at West Hawk Lake, 1963
Kathy X, Richard Dopson, Eileen Metz, Jack Bowman, Lesley Simmons, Bruce Watson,
Diane Morrison, Barry Bampton
Photo submitted by Barry Bampton

 Halloween Party, 1962
Seated: Shelagh McDougall, Eileen Metz, Megan Thomas, Isobel Browning, Simone Harris
Standing: Joan Birch, Jim "Jethro" McGregor, Barry Bampton, John Downie, John Hunchak, Lynda Scott , Dennis Dickson, Keith Stanley, John Patchell
Photo submitted by John Downie

Beatnik Girls, 1961
Front Row: Dianne Morrison
Middle Row: Judy Ibbott, Betty Lorimer, Marvis Cessford, Darlene Belton, Shelagh McDougall
Back Row: Lesley Simmons, Pat Hill, Myrna Osborn
The papers are possibly for a skit. (Judy, with the pen, takes charge.)
Photo submitted by John Downie

 Beatniks at the Party, 1961
John Downie and Lesley Simmons hallucinating
with unidentified passed-out beatnik in background.
Photo submitted by Myrna

Gary Campbell in a Saner Moment
Apparently, impersonating the Tin Man and the Straw Man at the same time.
Note the waterski on the dock behind Gary, caught by the candid camera.
Photo submitted by Myrna

Mr. Scurfield, Mr. Bell, & Mr. Labinowich
Can anyone place this photo?
HMS Pinafore, 1962-63?
Photo from Eileen Folson (via Lesley)

Randy Jefferson & Darlene Belton
1961-62 School Year Elections (Darlene - Vice-President)
Gary Campbell & Megan Thomas in Background
Photo from Eileen Folson (via Lesley)

Eileen Metz & John Downie
Grad 1962
Photo from Eileen Folson (via Lesley)

Pat Shaw & Harry Rayner
Grad 1962
Photo from Eileen Folson (via Lesley)

Unidentified, Kathleen Parker, John Patchell, & John Hunchak
Photo from Eileen Folson (via Lesley)
Grad Group, 1963
Front Row: Unidentified, Myrna Osborn, Marcia Rudd, Isobel Browning, Mary Pincock
Back Row: Unidentified, Gary Campbell, Unidentified, Jack Bowman, Jim McGregor
Photo submitted by Myrna

Jack Bowman & Isobel Browning
Grad '62?
Photo submitted by Myrna

Churchill Alumni Cheerleader Squad Tryouts
Curtis Krentz, Ron Bellefeuille, & Ken McCullough, Field Day 1963
Photo submitted by Myrna

Football Jacket Crest, 1962 Season
Scan by Bill Rayner

 Outdoor Playground "A" action at the old River Park rink on Churchill Drive
River Park (in assorted dark jerseys) vs. either Earl Grey or Carter
Unlike the Riverview & Lord Roberts kids, River Park couldn't even afford boards.
The shack (heated by a wood stove) is just visible to the left.
Note No. 11 waiting for a pass behind the net.
Winter, 1958-59
Photo submitted by Bill Rayner

Ken Dennis takes on five defenders while his Right-Winger stops to take a photo
Gerry Halliday, who wants his name in a caption, says the opposing team is Lord Roberts and claims to be the good-looking defenceman with the scarf, while the goalie is Gord Horne.
The Halliday Conspiracy is broken wide open by Halliday's own admission that "I don't know why the players seem to be wearing the same jerseys.  Pick up hockey was all I ever played at River Park."
Gord Horne closes the case by denying to be the opposing goalie: "It couldn’t be me as he is looking at the play and I would have been fishing the puck out of the net."  
Gerry Halliday adds: "I do recall him (Gord) playing for L.R.C.C. and trying to avoid being killed by Dave Pearce's slap shots.  I wasn't quite so fortunate; there is a still a small divot in my chin where one of Dave's shots hit me in the face."
Dave Pearce gets the last word: "If he only had a divot on his chin, I guess I must have let up on my shot."
Winter, 1958-59
Photo submitted by Bill Rayner